The following consulting services are available on an ad hoc or monthly basis:

  • Social Media Strategy
    • Use social media to attract new customers, and retain existing customers.
    • Get the most out of free aspects of social media
    • Maximize profits and minimize costs of paid social media campaigns
    • Learn key strategies about post content, and frequency.
    • Monitor social media for opportunities and threats.
  • Public Relations
    • Develop a public relations strategy to maximize exposure in free media.
    • Learn strategies to deal with negative reviews, or bad press.
    • Crisis management for challenging situations
    • How to write the perfect press release
    • Political issues
    • Reputation Management
  • Business Strategy
    • Business Plan and Pro Forma review
    • Marketing Plan review
    • Strategic Plan review
    • Corporate Structure
    • Asset Protection
    • Not-for-Profit
    • Startups
  • Leadership Training & Coaching
    • Leadership traits
    • Leading Staff- Using the most efficacious management style
  • Public Policy, Government Affairs, Public Affairs
    • Advocacy strategies
    • Building coalitions
    • Getting the votes
    • Activism
  • Campaign Management

Contact Deno J. Andrews at (708) 581-6622 for more information on consulting services, and a free project assessment.

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