Ink on Paper

These are typically larger works in the 24″ x 36″ range. A few of the Zen Circles are smaller on traditional rice paper. Dark and chaotic pieces are inspired by the violence and hopelessness plaguing many Chicago neighborhoods. Wrinkled paper represents that which is broken in our society, but not necessarily beyond repair.


Select pieces from my travels. I aim to capture an accurate essence of what I see. Any editing is limited to cropping, and color correction. I don’t believe in embellishing photographs to make them look surreal. What you see in my photography is what I saw in the moment.


Ink on Paper: All works are completely original. I do not make prints. If one of my pieces moves you enough to purchase it, I want you to be the only person in the world who owns it. These pieces are striking in person. There is a number of ways to frame and display them in your home or office. Large pieces are $1,500 and use archival inks on the finest papers. Each piece is hand-signed.

Small Zen Circles are $100. I know that sounds like a lot of money for one stroke of the brush! There is a lot of prep work that goes into making proper Zen Circles, including grinding and mixing the ink, preparing the paper, and meditating before making the circular stroke. The Rice Paper is very delicate and the amount of ink on the brush has to be perfect. Sometimes the ink penetrates the paper too much and ruins the piece. Thus, there is wastage and time that goes into these otherwise simple pieces. Each piece is hand-signed. I will also consider making a circle specifically for you. Ring me to talk about the process.

Limited Edition Photography: 11×17 prints are $250. 8×10 prints are $175. All prints areĀ  limited to a series of 10. My work is printed using archival inks on the finest exhibition watercolor or fiber papers. After ten prints are sold, I destroy the digital file. Each print is hand-signed and numbered.

Ceramics are sold out and I don’t plan to make any more in 2018.

If you are interested in anything, please contact me directly at (708) 420-5659.

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